Did Sirius Black ever have a girlfriend once he was freed from Azkaban?

We know that, in his prime, Sirius Black was a looker. So did he ever have a muggle girlfriend or anything when he was free or was he just a loner?


Sirius Black used to be a ladies man. Or at least, that’s how he came off in the book, at least to me. So it is strange to think that he just locked himself up in his house and never went out or dated anyone was he escaped from Azkaban. Granted, I know he was on the run but still.

So have you ever stopped to think about him going to a muggle bar and picking up a woman? Or even just going on a date with someone? Because it is a fascinating thing to think about. First off, he’d have to be extremely careful. Because he is on the run, he’d have to make sure no wizards were around.

Then he’d have to make sure the person he was dating wasn’t connected to the wizarding world. And after all that, then he’d have to be attracted to said person. It’d be a whole ordeal! But still, it is nice to think that, for a second, Sirius wasn’t alone.

While the rest of the Order of the Phoenix would visit for meetings, he was still pretty alone in his home. You can count Kreacher but that isn’t exactly the best company to be had. So it is a nice break to think that maybe he had friends outside of the wizarding community. Otherwise, he’d be lonely and we don’t want to think about that.


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  1. You just outlined all the reasons why it would have been far too difficult for him to have a girlfriend, especially a muggle one.

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