Harry Potter’s Childhood Home Is For Sale & It’s Spell-Bindingly Beautiful

It may be time to pull out all that gold you’ve been saving at Gringotts and invest; Harry Potter’s childhood home is on the market.

You probably recognize the house as the shuttered, dilapidated Godric’s Hollow home from the Harry Potter films. The Potter cottage is where baby Harry lived with his parents before, you know, they were murdered by the evil Lord Voldemort. So though this house is tied to some pretty traumatic fictional moments, you can still call it home!

Aside from being famous for its brief film cameos, this home in Suffolk has quite a story behind it. It’s officially known as the de Vere House, named after the influential de Vere family. According to The Telegraph, the de Vere family was the richest in the country after the royal family. You might also recognize the de Vere name because of Edward de Vere, the earl some claim actually penned William Shakespeare’s plays.


The family owned this particular home from the 14th through 17th centuries, and folklore even says King Henry VIII paid a visit to the house in 1498. So not only does this house have connections to Hogwarts, it’s close to the crown too.

Aside from its rich history, the de Vere home is absolutely stunning. It’s currently divided into a rental property and a permanent resident. Altogether, it’s got six bedrooms, four bathrooms, two kitchens and dining rooms, a reception hall, a sitting room, and a drawing room. Plus, it’s got a delightful garden outback that’s currently home to some chickens.



Understandably, the de Veres house has quite the price tag. Currently, it’s listed for £995,000 or about $1.3 million on the real estate site Carter Jonas. Considering how much history (and magic) this house has, it’s a pretty fair price. If you decide to call this place home, who knows; Harry himself could stop by to relive the good ol’ days.


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