The Harry Potter theory which Argues That Snape Didn’t Die, Based On Two Points

Professor Snape, despite outwardly seeming to loathe Harry throughout the series, redeems himself right at the end and, played excellently by the legendary Alan Rickman, breaks everyone’s hearts when he’s seemingly killed.

However, a theory that has taken shape on Reddit’s Fans Theories page contradicts this version of the facts. Two big points are thus defended by the user DER_GOTTKAISER.

1. Snape doesn’t appear when Harry uses the resurrection stone

You’d think Snape was very important to Harry, he loved his mother, gave his life to save him, and shielded him all his life. Harry just found out how Snape had been protecting him the whole time and died to save him, so when he used the magic ring that brings the spirits of dead people, you’d think Snape would be there. He certainly knew Snape longer than Lupin, and you’d think Snape was far more important to him than Lupin, but Snape wasn’t around. Perhaps he was not dead.


2. Snape’s corpse isn’t found or mentioned

After the big battle, they lay out all the bodies, all the people who died, even the death eaters and Voldemorts. Harry sees Lupin’s and Fred’s body, but Snape’s body isn’t there. You’d think Harry would have told everyone about Snape’s sacrifice so they can find his body too. But nope, Snape’s corpse isn’t found.


The theory based on these two points, is that, the snake venom didn’t actually kill Snape, probably just paralyzed him or put him in a comatose state.

Just think about it, do you really think a POTIONS MASTER wouldn’t have access to anti-venom? You think he wouldn’t have prepared for the possibility that Voldemort’s snake might turn on him? He was playing a dangerous role as a spy, Voldemort could turn on him at any moment, I think Snape would have obviously taken some kind of prophylactic antidote beforehand.

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