HARRY Potter fans have been going wild over a major plot hole in the Philosopher’s Stone surrounding the character Hagrid.

They claim that JK Rowling slipped up right from the beginning of the seven-book series, before Harry had even gone to Hogwarts to study magic with Ron and Hermione.


Harry Potter fans have been left wondering what Hagrid did for the 24 hours after Lily and James were murdered


Hagrid headed to the Godric’s Hollow in the south West to pick up Harry from the house, but it took him to the following night to show up with him at the Dursley’s in Surrey

Fans will remember that the popular story begins with baby Harry being taken to live with the insufferable Dursleys after his mum and dad were murdered by Voldermort on Halloween.

Harry was rescued from the wreckage of the house by Hagrid soon after the event but he doesn’t arrive before November 1, so where did he go?

Upon arrival, Hagrid met McGonagall, who had been waiting outside the house as a cat all day, and Professor Dumbledore.

He confirmed to her that the journey from Godric’s Hollow in the South West to the Dursley’s in Surrey, just south of London, had been easy.

And considering he travelled by a magical flying motorbike, the trip should have taken no time at all.

Hardcore Potter whizzes have taken to forums to query what occurred on what has been dubbed “the missing day”.


Many people were surprised JK Rowling had ‘slipped up’ on the timing of that night


Hagrid travelled by magical flying motorbike to deliver Harry to his aunt and uncle’s house

One user reasoned on Cosforums: “It must of been something more important than leaving Harry, in his own destroyed house, alone for almost 24 hours?

“Then again, it might of been a small error in dates by JK Rowling which led to the theory.”

Another fan questioned: “I think it is reasonable to think that they took that day to write out the letter, conduct surveillance on the Dursleys and make sure the coast was clear.”

Meanwhile another theorised: “I think that Hagrid took him from the rubble and went to someone’s house, maybe Bathilda’s, to clean him and take care of him before flying off with him.”

It’s not the only plot point that has been baffling Potter fans.

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