What happens to Magical people when they become pregnant ?

I recently saw this post in a fan group on Facebook, and I thought it was the most interesting thing ever, so of course, my mind went off on a thousand different theories.

What happens to Magical people when they become pregnant? Beyond the same physical things, what happens when a body is holding that extra magic?

First, how do they know they’re pregnant? Is it some magical test that is performed, or do they just know? Does it have to do with how much magic is in their body? Does their wand become a different color? Or, does all of the sudden their wand doesn’t work right because the baby inside has its own magic?

Is there a big celebration when your wand is going to reveal the gender? Do Magical people care about gender? Would they rather just wait?

What about if you have a clock like the Weasleys have? And they have where everyone is? Does the “Mom” spoon (or whoever is carrying the child) suddenly have a teaspoon underneath it? Do you just walk by one day and know?

That seems a little underwhelming.

Not too surprisingly, because of the fact that the original stories followed children, there wasn’t a need for questions like this. But now that there’s so much backstory, I kind of want to know the ins and outs of everyday life!

What about birth control? Can they just put a “no baby” spell on themselves and they’re good? Do they get periods? What about marriage? How do marriages go?

I need all of these questions answered! Especially the even more trivial parts of life. If I can’t be a wizard, I want to know everything about being a wizard, damn it! And I don’t think I’m alone

But seriously, part of the reason we love JK Rowling is all the backstory she gives us on characters and big story parts. But I would love for her to write out little things about a wizard. Just…random things that would be interesting to know.

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