The female Draco Malfoy look is all we ever wanted and more

Harry Potter looks are pretty great but it is rare to see an incredible Draco Malfoy. Lucky for us, Jennifer on Twitter sure does an amazing look!
Draco Malfoy is the kind of characters that many love and want to cosplay as. The problem is that it is usually guys who do it. But Jennifer on Twitter has consistently praise the series as well as giving up her looks.

From her comments on Sirius Black to her cosplay looks, she’s one of the incredible fans out there who is continuing our love for the series years later. This Fem!Draco look is definitely one of the best ones.


The thing about Draco isn’t necessarily that people can’t replicate the look. They can, that part is easy. But it is the part of the attitude that a lot of cosplayers lack. Which is maybe why these pictures are so amazing!

A lot of the time everyone dresses up as their favorite characters and that it that. But with Jen’s photos, she tends to bring the character to life in an exciting way. With her Draco look, you can almost feel the kind of attitude that Draco exhibited.

You’d think she’d tell her father about anything and everything that upset her. It was a simple look but got the job done and we love it! But that isn’t exactly surprising, Jen is just a fun Potter fan to follow in general. It’s always nice though when you get surprise photoshoot of one of our favorite characters!


Fem!Draco is a pretty incredible look but that’s what is amazing about Potter fans!

You can follow Jen on Twitter for more amazing Potter content! She is constantly talking about our favorite series and doing incredible photoshoots like this!

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