Eddie Redmayne As Tom Riddle And 10 Other Harry Potter Casting Choices That Almost Happened

The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is expansive, covering nine movies including the addition of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them. The world is packed with beloved characters, and every character seems like the perfect person was cast every time. That being said, there are numerous casting choices that almost happened, that could have changed the movies for the better or the worse.

Liam Aiken — Harry Potter


After the auditions for the movie, Daniel Radcliffe actually didn’t win the role. The role went to a boy named Liam Aiken. Unfortunately for Liam, they soon realized that he wasn’t British, and J.K. Rowling wanted a cast of only British actors. The day after Liam got the role, it was taken away, and given to the British Daniel Radcliffe. A few years later, Liam scored the part of Klaus in A Series of Unfortunate Events.

Michael Cera — Jacob Kowalski


David Thewlis — Professor Quirrell


Before David Thewlis became the secret werewolf Professor Lupin in Prisoner of Azkaban, he was considered for Professor Quirrell in The Sorcerer’s Stone. I think they went with the right choice, since I can’t really picture Thewlis yelling about trolls in dungeons. Besides, who else could play Lupin as perfectly as Thewlis did?

Eddie Redmayne — Tom Riddle


Fourteen years ago, long before Eddie Redmayne gained his current popularity from The Theory of Everything and Les Miserables, he auditioned for role of young Tom Riddle in Chamber of Secrets. Honestly, I’m glad he didn’t get the role. Instead of playing a small role as the antagonist in a couple of scenes, he now has his own movie in the Wizarding World!

Tilda Swinton — Professor Trelawney


The world just got to see Tilda Swinton teach magic in Doctor Strange, but she had the opportunity to be a Hogwarts Professor in Prisoner of Azkaban. She was offered the part of Trelawney, but chose not to take it, letting Emma Thompson swoop in and take the role. That’s tough for me, since I am a giant fan of Swinton, but Thompson did a great job.

Tim Roth — Severus Snape


While the search for Snape was going strong, Tim Roth was near the top of the list of possible Potions Professors. However, he took himself off the list in order to hop aboard Tim Burton’s Planet of the Apes. J.K. Rowling then picked Alan Rickman herself. I love Tim Roth, but nobody could have brought such magic (pun intended) to the role like Rickman did.

Kristen Stewart — Queenie


Alison Sudol was amazing as Queenie. Seriously, it was a tough character to pull off in the way that she did, and her acting talent really comes through on screen. Even though she was that great, there were others considered for the part, namely Kristen Stewart. Stewart is a great actress as well, but I don’t think the character would be the same without Sudol. Dakota Fanning and Saoirse Ronan were also considered for Queenie.

Hugh Grant — Gilderoy Lockhart


Ah, Lockhart. The ego with a haircut that we love to hate. But now think about those flowing golden locks on Hugh Grant’s head. That almost happened! In fact, Grant got the role, but his schedule got in the way, leaving Lockhart to be snatched up by Kenneth Branagh. Jude Law was also considered, but they ultimately felt like he wasn’t quite old enough.

Henry Cavill — Cedric Diggory


Before Henry Cavill rocked the blue and red Superman-suit, he auditioned for everyone’s favorite Hufflepuff: Cedric Diggory. As we know, he wasn’t successful, and the part went instead went to Robert Pattinson. You know, before the sparkly vampire days.

Robin Williams — Rubeus Hagrid


Robin Williams was never officially offered a part in the Harry Potter movies, but that didn’t stop him from trying. He really wanted to play Hagrid, and he asked for the role, offering to give up any sort of payment. Unfortunately, Williams’ passion for the role didn’t win it for him, since J.K. Rowling was set on an all-British cast. But come on, Robin Williams could have done a British accent, right?

Ian McKellen — Albus Dumbledore


You know those people who have trouble telling the difference between Gandalf and Dumbledore? Well it would have been even harder for them had McKellen accepted the role. After the passing of the original Dumbledore, Richard Harris, the role was offered to Ian McKellen. He turned it down, since he had just finished playing Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, saying:

“I had enough trouble living up to one legend. Two would be too much to hope for.”

I’ve never heard anyone say anything against the Harry Potter casting choices, and that’s because every actor in the Wizarding World has a way of completely embodying their characters. With a whole host of Fantastic Beast sequels to come, we can bet that we have more excellent casting choices coming our way.

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