18 Removed Scenes We Wish They’d Included in the Harry Potter Films

The films did a fantastic job of adapting the books. Still, there are plenty of scenes I would have liked to see.

1. Ron’s Insecurities

In Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, after the locket is destroyed, Ron is visibly upset. Harry addresses his feelings regarding Hermione and how they felt when Ron wasn’t there. Instead, this is replaced with something comedic, which removes some of the depth and growth Ron achieves by the end of the series.

2. Dumbledore’s Prophecy Explanation

I’m surprised this part was cut from the film given the importance of the prophecy in the series. This part was rushed over in the films, and the audience was not given enough information on why Voldemort chose to go after Harry in the first place.


Hermione’s work to improve house-elf rights demonstrated her compassion and ability to help others less able than herself.

4. Neville’s Parents

Neville, just like Harry, had a tragic family history. Finding out what happened to his parents and seeing them interact was so sad in the books.

5. Harry’s Hogwarts Reveal

In the book, Harry only shows himself after a Death Eater spits on McGonagall. Harry standing up for her displayed the respect and affection he felt for her. However, by changing his reveal to him publicly announcing himself, this heart-warming moment was lost in the films.

6. Sirius Giving Harry the Mirror

Not only was this a good moment between the two, but it also revealed the origins of the mirror that appeared often in Deathly Hallows. Without knowing that Sirius gave Harry a two-way mirror in Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, it’s a bit confusing why a mirror fragment suddenly appears in the last installment.

7. Dumbledore’s Howler

Unbeknownst to us at the time, this moment revealed the connection Dumbledore had with Petunia.

8. Dumbledore and the Dursleys

It was brilliant seeing Dumbledore call out the Dursleys for their ill-treatment of Harry over the years at the beginning of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince.

9. The Muggle Prime Minister

After all the madness that happened when the wizarding world overlapped with the Muggle one, it was nice to see that the heads of both were communicating with each other.

10. Voldemort’s Death

Voldemort was supposed to have a boring death. In the books, his ordinary death proved that, despite everything he did, he was still human. The extraordinary movie death contradicted this.

11. Harry and Ginny’s First Kiss

This public display of affection on Harry’s part finally reveals his feelings for Ginny. The conflicting emotions he had was one of the most relatable subplots of the penultimate novel. The film version was rather awkward and uncomfortable.

12. Ron and Hermione’s First Kiss

Ron’s change in attitude about the house-elves demonstrated how much he had grown over the series. The moment when he thinks about the house-elves gave greater significance to their first kiss.

13. Tonks and Lupin

Poor Tonks barely got any screen time in the films, so this relationship wasn’t developed enough to have a lot of impact on the viewers.

14. The Potters’ Memorial

Harry and Hermione seeing the memorial with everyone’s messages was such an emotional moment. It would have been incredible to see it on-screen.

15. Fred’s Death

This was a huge shock for me in the books. Seeing the aftermath instead of the actual event did not have the same impact.

16. Dumbledore’s Background

Dumbledore’s questionable background with Grindelwald and everything that happened with his family was such a surprise for me. Up till that point, Dumbledore was a noble and incredible man. Reading about his imperfections and mistakes humanized him a bit and demonstrated that nobody’s perfect, something that we didn’t get a chance to see in the films.

17. The Prefects

After all the opportunity and chances Harry got, it was nice to see Ron and Hermione get a chance to shine for once by being given the honor and responsibilities of prefects.

18. Dumbledore’s Funeral

The wand memorial in the film was beautiful, but I would have still preferred to see the funeral on-screen.

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